10 Best Hands-Free Headset For Work From Home

Working from home means there would be more calls to pick, more clients who want their needs met at the speed of light, more video-conferencing, and this means longer time on the phone and longer time spent on talking.

Only a good hands-free headset can do the magic that would relieve you of the stress of always holding the phone and putting it on your ears till they ache. This is why a good hands-free headset comes on hand as the quick solution to solving the long-call hours. However, this may also pose a challenge as you would need to use a hands-free that has a good battery life and a wide distance range. Most importantly, such that would eliminate noise and deliver the best voice fidelity that would help you not to miss any information while you are on the phone attending to clients, solving their problems, or during a video-conferencing or a management meeting.

You would need a hands-free headset that you can multi-task with; such that you can engage in while attending to other work-related activities.

We have carefully and meticulously found you some of the most amazing hands-free headsets that you can use maximally while working from home:



The CS540 headset is an easy choice when it comes to comfort, sound quality, battery life, design, range, and value for money. This model comes with a 100m wireless range that allows you to move around while making calls and is compatible with EHS cables and handset lifters for a truly wireless call experience.

Plantronics CS540 uses DECT technology, which eliminates Wi-Fi network interference to provide unbeatable and amazing sound quality. It also features Plantronic´s brand new CAT-in technology, offering advanced wideband audio for HD conversations.

It has a noise-canceling microphone, a 7-hour talk-time and most of these products come with a 2-year warranty.



It is not being said, it is true that the Jabra Biz 2400 is an award-winning and top-of-the-range headset. With one of the most flexible microphones boom with 360° rotation, which ensures that the microphone is placed perfectly to comfortably take calls, you can rest assured to turn anywhere while receiving or making your calls and still have equal fidelity from all angles.

This beautifully designed headset is built to survive high-call demand, meaning that you wouldn’t be needing to replace the headset too soon because of continuous usage. Apart from all of that, it gives high levels of comfort, protection, and sound. 2300 is convertible to account for different wearing styles. This sort of touch can be great for anyone who plans to wear a headset all day at work.

Like all other hands-free headset devices, it has a very effective noise-canceling microphone and has as a special feature, a Quick Disconnect Connectivity and it has a light-weight of 49g.

Interestingly, it comes with a 2 years warranty. This is a good buy for any employee whose job demands regular calls and who has to remotely work.



You would love the Cleyver HC35 because of its compatibility with the majority of phones on the market, the HC35 is a premium headset with Quick Disconnect. It has an adjustable headband that makes the headset comfortable to use because the headset can be tailored to your perfect setting. With a foamy ear cushion and a 300º rotatable microphone boom that provide the user of the HC35 with an amazing hands-free communication experience allowing you to complete vital tasks like typing and writing. Its noise-canceling microphone ensures that you are heard clearly and the HD sound guarantees clear calls.

You need to know again that it has also been deliberately equipped with ultra-light and comfortable aluminum designs that make the device appealing, and yes it has an HD sound and noise-canceling microphone.


4. SC 70 USB MS

The Sennheiser has remained a very good brand when it comes to hands-free headsets across the world. The name is synonymous with extracting standards of sound quality and these are reflected in the SC 70 – a wired headset that promises the high-quality Sennheiser sound that the brand is known for. As a cost-effective entry model into the brand, the SC 70 headset delivers crisp voice clarity whilst the ultra-noise canceling microphone ensures background noise is eliminated from speech. This lightweight headset provides users with superior comfort. Combining quality, simplicity, and a very high level of durability, this model is a great choice for hectic call center environments where managers need guaranteed uninterrupted performance.




You would like this because, you get a 12-hour talk time, 122 meters (400 feet) of wireless range, and the best quality noise-canceling microphone to provide the top quality calls. This is why it has the name tag: “Office-Runner”, meaning that it can do all that is required in the office when it comes to making and receiving calls. It is no doubt that for you like a work-from-home employee, this is the best device you can use.

Sennheiser OfficeRunner weighs less than 22 grams! (0.78 ounces).



If you want a hybrid headset that’s best for canceling out noise, you won’t want to overlook the Tilde Pro. This hybrid pair of headphones are made in France and the quality sets itself apart from the rest.

You can use the Tilde Pro as a wired headset with the included USB cable to your computer, you can use it via Bluetooth to your computer or mobile phone OR you can purchase the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter and use these headphones on a 3.5mm device.

The Tilde Pro has different variants of ear cushions; they can come with larger or smaller ear cushions and with or without the mic-boom. The interesting thing about the Tilde Pro is that it can be used for personal calls and as a call-center hands-free headset.



The Poly Voyager 4320 UC is a professional grade noise-canceling wireless headset built to help you avoid the many noises coming from your housemates. The dual speakers come with eliminating noise in a deliberate way that ensures that with the wideband audio, you can hear and be heard crystal clear.

The added benefit you have with a wireless headset while working from home is the freedom to get up from your desk and step away from all the noise around you! This would make you more productive, happy and provide an office experience even while you work from home.

You should also know that the Poly Voyager 4320 UC was built very well to strategically block out the noise around you, but it doesn’t have cushions that fully enclose your ears. So, depending on the level of noise in your office will depend on whether the Voyager 4220 UC is a fit for you.



You would like the Jabra Evolve 80 because it is a heavy-duty wired headset that will connect with both your mobile phone and computer. With enlarged ear cushions and a cushioned headband, the Jabra Evolve 80 will fully enclose your ears and has ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) for you to zone in on your music or phone calls.

This headset truly does block out all your background noise and this means you can stay away from the distractions that may evolve with working from home.



It may not strike you as a popular name, but the Discover D312U is a very good value and budget-friendly headset that’s comfortable, sounds good, and allows you to connect with your mobile phone + computer.

The soft cushioned leatherette ear cushions, bendable mic, and adjustable headband will allow you to wear this headset for hours!

Wait for this…

There is a bonus to using the Discover D312U is when you’re connected to your computer, if you want to get up and walk away, you don’t ‘need to take the headset off. You can simply unplug the 3.5mm cable from the USB controller, do what you need to do, and replug it back in when back to the computer.



Of all the Jabra Brand, the Jabra Evolve2 65 is fully featured to offer you comfort in usage with sounds that are comfortable for your ears. You really can’t go wrong with this wireless headset for a seamless connection to your computer or mobile phone. This would help you a lot in most of your video conferences.

Included in the Jabra Evolve2 65 is the Link 380 USB adapter for improved call quality, connectivity, and added call control features like being able to answer/end calls from the headset in another room on compatible softphones. If those features important to you, contact us to verify compatibility.