10 Most Comfortable Chairs For Work From Home

When the news of the pandemic broke in 2019, you probably thought it was one of the viruses that would spread like wildfire in a couple of months and disappear with time. But, here we are, years after the pandemic and you still have to work from home. Neither is it looking like resuming work would happen any time soon, hence you have to come to terms with the new normal of working from home.

Interestingly, many organizations are piloting the work-from-home reality, with companies pivoting to a remote-first culture. This means many would have to accept this new norm and ensure that every modality is needed to effectively work from home, especially for work-from-homers who have to probably spend the next 350 days working from home.

While accessories and tools like computers, modems, wireless routers, a printer may seem like expedient tools in ensuring efficiency for the work-from-home worker, such employees also have to consider how they can comfortably sit while attempting to execute the many tasks assigned to them, work-from-home workers. Since such employees might be having longer sedentary activity, it is exigent that adequate considerations are also given the sitting posture of the employee, hence the need to consider the type of chairs to use while working from home.

In finding a comfortable chair, one needs to leave no stone unturned as there is a likelihood that you would be spending around eight hours on it on a daily basis. If your home is going to be your primary work-space for an undecided and indefinite time, then you have no choice but to make your work-station comfortable enough for you to perform optimally as you would have should be working from the conventional office.

To guide in your choice, here are some comfortable chairs to foster alertness, effectiveness and to avoid poor posture whilst working from home:


  1. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

    This ergonomically designed chair has a supportive mesh construction, with roller wheels and the ability to adjust the armrest of the chair to suit what is most comfortable for you. Interestingly, the height of the chair is also adjustable and this means, you can always adjust the chair as the need arises to create the comfort that would make you concentrate and work effectively while working from home.


2. Herman Miller-Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is referred to as, “The Ferrari of Desk Chairs” because it suits all forms of the chair.

The chair’s adjustable lumbar support is another feature of the chair that makes it appealing and the most recommended. This would not only help reduce fatigue but will also aid in the proper positioning of the body.

Although the chair is specially designed to help reduce pressure on the lumbar, adding an Easy Posture Lumbar Back Support Mesh would also go a long way in keeping the fidelity of the lumbar.


3. Office Star Executive Chair

This chair is a black eco-bonded leather seat with built-in lumbar-friendly support. It has with it a one-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment that can be up to 20.7 height high and as low as 16.9 inches.

The seat thickness is such that would give you the work from home comfort you desire.


4. All Modern Task Chair

This chair is the easiest to assemble. The super-sleek, Scandi-vibe task chair combines a sturdy stainless-steel frame with a supportive bucket-style seat that’s filled with comfy foam cushioning for your WFH behind — oh, and according to reviewers, it’s also very easy to put together.

And they come in very amazing colors with a complimentary design intended to make your work-from-home seat experience comfy and relaxing. This chair would definitely offer you the comfort you will ever need from a work-from-home chair.


5. Brister Swivel Side Chair

This chair is best for those who do not like wheelchairs but still want to have a 360 degree feel and view of their work-from-home office space. The swivel is such a one that is stationary but offers you the feel to have a quick glance at the entire ambience in your office space just with a simple turn.

Truly, not all desk chairs come coupled with wheels and that is why If you’re looking for a stationary piece that will blend from office to living room even whilst working from home, then this incognito swivel style is here to support you.

The Brister Swivel Side Chair would also give you the feel of a boss alongside the comfort you need to improve your efficiency while working from home.


6. Cowhide Task Chair

If you want a chair that has a manly look and still gives you an office feel, this ergonomic office chair comes in funky patterns that range from classic cow print, brown cow print, trellis, and more show-stopping color-ways to bring your space to life. But, its beauty isn’t only skin deep; it is a very appealing and resilient durable frame, solid wood 5-pronged base, and 360 wheels make it a long-lasting worthwhile purchase.


7. Serta Leighton Home Office Chair

Working from home doesn’t mean some workers working remotely wouldn’t be spending long hours on the chair. It would most likely be that most people who work from home would spend long hours sitting. This could be a pain on the butts.

So? If you’re looking for butt support that offers good décor; if you are still concerned with style, this blush-hued beauty has your number — its elegantly crafted frame with chrome finished accents still packs the ergonomic power of Serta’s comfort memory foam in the seat and arms rests, 360-degree swivel capabilities, and adjustable height.


8. State Line Velvet Executive Chair

This stylish executive chair has a multi-functional design that features a high back, armrests, and a lumbar support pillow that helps reduce the pressure on your arms while working. It means the arms can rest from the many pressure of typing or moving one object from one place on the table to another.

Also, the champagne-hued velvet upholstery and wooden swivel feet make this fashionable enough to blend seamlessly into your living room decor. And yes… it is easy to put together else little hassle with your effort to assemble it.


9. Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

For any work-from-home-employee who needs adequate support for the body while working remotely, Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair offers overall support that would aid your posture and offer the comfort you need while you spend the required long hours working.

This brightly-hued office chair has a very breathable mesh fabric, adjustable heights, angles, swivels, and tilts, plus a curved back and contoured seat for ultimate lumbar support. Interestingly, it is ergonomic, but it can also be flashy. However, if you don’t want to make it flashy, it also comes in black, white, and gray options that would make your work-from-home experience memorable.


10. Eliana Task Chair

This chair is actually good for the not-too-tall individual but it is a good work-chair for stay-at-homers. With its’ short-back and compact style wheely construct, most work-from-homers on the shorter end of the height spectrum would enjoy it.

The Eliana Task Chair is well constructed, very comfortable, and of terrific quality. The chair is not bulky and works really well for those who have a designated work-space for working remotely; and yes, it is easy to assemble.”