3 Most Effective Job Search Techniques

So many positions are available for job seekers these days, and that is an indication that employers are hiring. Are you frustrated about your job search results? Then you should think about changing plans. Here is a review of 3 major job search techniques.

  1. Job boards

The first thing most job seekers do is to head for the job boards. We all know it is exciting to find the job which best fits you. However, the problem is that the job boards are always competitive if you want to find a position and they have lower chances of success.

It doesn’t mean you should not use them, it just means that they should not be your main source of job search. You can start using SimplyHired.com or Indeed.com as they are job board aggregators. These websites pull jobs from other job boards and give you access to them.

Do not apply over the internet, rather find out who the key influencers are in the company or their hiring managers. Get their contact information may be from LinkedIn and give them a call. Now ask them questions about the company. Be very friendly with them, build some rapport, down to earth and personable. They will ask for your resume at some point, and by then you have put yourself at the top of the decision maker’s pile. 

  1. Recruiters

Recruitment agencies have about a 5-23% rate of getting a new position for you, so consider making them part of your plan. Always go for those who are paid already by the employer than the ones who will ask you to pay a fee for their service.

First of all, you have to find out if the position is filled by the recruiters. Some of them may not want to work with entry-level career changers. This is because no recruiter will want to offer a career changer they don’t have any track record about in the field.

If you consider working with a recruiter, then make use of a service that will set your resume to a large number. They save your time because they are effective and inexpensive. Do not limit your search locally. 

  1. Networking

This is a very important and effective way of job searching. This is about being referred to the employer by someone that knows you. This method had always had a 50% effectiveness rate, this is because employers accept it so much.

Networking isn’t fun like applying through a job board and it requires more discipline. It has a huge difference which does not only include the effectiveness rate but all the quality of jobs. Networking is not about sharing your resume or cover letters with people. Here are some of the techniques to guide you.

You have to get an “elevator pitch” that describes you and why you should be employed. You can create a networking business card for support. Also, make sure you have a presence on the online space like Facebook or LinkedIn. Make a list of the companies you are interested in and research the company online. Get more information about the company so that an insider will be impressed.

Now get to know the people who work I’m the company and connect to impress them. Create a network with them, tell them about your knowledge and how you can help the company with the knowledge.