3 Ways to Find a Job Using Fiverr

Working remotely and making money on Fiverr will give you an endless flow of income. With Fiverr, you can find your travels, shopping, vacations, and many more, while putting your skills to use and get paid. Some people think you can only earn five dollars a job with Fiverr, but that is not true because you can earn more than that.

Remote workers, job seekers, and nomads, Fiverr is a great platform where you can utilize your skill and still get paid for it.  However, most people find it difficult to get jobs using Fiverr and that is what we are going to review in this article. 

What is Fiverr?

For the sake of newbies reading this article, Fiverr is simply an online marketplace that offers many services, mini jobs, and tasks. It was founded in 2010 and aims to provide an online space where freelancers can list and advertise their digital services. There are millions of gigs on the site for every type of skill.

Whether you are a lawyer, writer, designer, web developer, or even a musician, Fiverr has something for you to earn from. The services offered on Fiverr are called “gigs,” and most of them start for $5. However, there are other services with more than the price which is just base pay. This site is always connecting sellers with freelancers and has become one of the biggest websites to offer online service exchange.

How does Fiverr work?

Do you have any skills or talent that other people will find useful? Then this is the right time to get on Fiverr and make some cash. Fiverr allows everyone to share their skills with the online world. With Fiverr, you can make money while doing what you love.

Finding jobs on Fiverr is straightforward but you need to understand the different parties involved.

Sellers: Freelancers looking for work on the platform are called sellers. As a seller, you have to list the type of services you can offer and the prices.

Buyers: If you are in search of a service, then you are considered a buyer. They always have something to be done for them such as a job, project, or task. These buyers can be business owners, companies, or individuals. A buyer hires a seller to work for them.

  1. Quantity is important as the quality

Fiverr allows basic sellers to create seven gigs in total to advertise expertise, skills, and what you can do for clients. Creating a well-detailed gig on Fiverr for your prospective clients to see can be a dull task. But it should not take more than a day to create the seven gigs. You can take one weekend to create all of them.

Utilizing the seven skills will give greater flexibility to dedicate each skill to s particular project. The chances of appearing at the top of a relevant search will be higher. Using seven gigs means that all of them are competing to land a job for your, and also, seven different clients will contact you.

  1. SEO is more than just adding tags

Sometimes the problem is not about using few gigs it might be that your profile is not well optimized for search engines. The use of SEO is not only applied on Google but other search bars and Fiverr is not any different. Most beginners tend to make the mistake of using limited SEO words on their profile to adding relevant tags.

For better results, you need to ensure that your chosen tags are found everywhere on your gig. The primary keyword of your skill should appear in your gig title, and also your SEO title. There is plenty of creative room to use more than for your tags while writing your gig description. So that when a client makes a relevant search, it will rank your profile at the top.

This can be applied both to your profile and individual gigs. Many freelancers put a random quote or slogans at the small space right below the display picture. But they should be used as a designation where primary tags on some of your gigs can be included.

  1. Pricing strategy

The fact that you are a  professional in the service doesn’t mean you should charge as a veteran when you are new on Fiverr. You have to start from scratch on Fiverr, your years of experience outside Fiverr don’t matter.

You need to charge as a beginner even if you are a professional but outside of Fiverr. However, your years of experience will make it more efficient and easier to find clients and not on your pricing strategy. Ensure that you play by the rules of the platform if you want to succeed.