3 Ways To Having a Strong Online Presence in Your Job Search

Most of us only heard about the stories of putting on a suit and going into an office with your resume in search of a job. That is not the world we are living in now. Social media sites do more than just connecting people from different parts of the world over the internet. Having a noticeable presence can place you ahead of others in the job search. Some employers may go through your social media profiles for different reasons. They can see your former positions, your qualifications, as long as your presence is effective online.  

What does it mean to have an online presence?

As a digital footprint, online presence is the broad picture of your professional or personal identity. It changes any time you write a tweet, interacts with another person, or post content.  This is determined by the things you put out in the public space. It is what people will see about you if you are searched online. However, a private account doesn’t count, because not everybody can see your profile.  

Why online presence?

An online presence in today’s world is very powerful. It may not be great but you can reshape it and take control of the details to provide. It can be used to reflect who you are, build credibility and trust, make you stand out, and show your passions. It can also show the bad aspect of you and make you stand out in the wrong way.

Have in-demand experience or skills is great, but you need to let people know about it. Because if they don’t, then you won’t be getting connections and jobs. It is a networking tool and it goes a long way to help you get connected with more people.  

3 Ways To Having a Strong Online Presence in Your Job Search

1. Get a portfolio

You have to get your website or online portfolio. This should be a place that will let people know who you are and the things you do. It is where you outline your skill sets, experience, visions, your former works, and contact information. You can use social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn you make your presence noticeable online.  

  1. Post content

Posting or sharing a relevant post on your social media profile is another way to get noticed. You can start blogging if you are a good writer. This is usually done on your website but can be published on sites like Medium. Always create valuable and quality content, this will help you to stay relevant to your audience. You can also start creating videos, graphics designs, podcasts, and many more.  

  1. Create projects

Adding some completed projects to your profile shows that you know what you are doing and this will attract people to employ or work with you. You can build a helpful library or a mini-app.

After creating projects, make sure you follow up on conversations and keep interacting with different professionals and groups. The easiest way to get involved is to like and comment on pages and you will also stay updated.

So many organizations and companies use social media to connect with consumers. Take advantage of this, post on their wall, tweet back your response, or like their updates. You will have so much to talk about with them if you get an interview.