5 Reasons You Should Negotiate Your First Job Offer

Most employees make the mistake of not negotiating their salary with the employer whenever they are chosen for a job. You have to understand that negotiating the job offer is an opportunity to show that you are a professional in the field, you know your worth and understand the market. This is considered as part of the job application process.

Let’s review five reasons you should negotiate your first job. 

  1. Your first salary can lead to your next job

Most companies do ask for your past job salary history. This is a question that seems irrelevant. But is it important to know how to handle such questions.

You have to understand that your future pay raise will be based in your past salary. The higher your former salary, the more the current one will be increased. 

  1. More income

This is an obvious fact that usually works in your favor if you apply it. A research by NerdWallet survey, shows that 80% of applicants are always successful with their negotiation. Hiring managers always have a room for an increase of about 5-10%. Negotiation will not only earn you more money, more will also come in the long-run. 

  1. Shows that you know your value

Salary negotiation with your employer will show that you know you value and role very well. They will know that you are confident and capable of the job position. It gives the impression that you are competent enough than the other candidates. This is the point where you should justify the claims on your resume or cover letter. It will help in selling yourself for the position.

  1. You might not get if you don’t ask for it

Even in life, most people miss life changing opportunities because they don’t ask. If you are in need of something, you have to work to get it. Your wishes will remain wishes if you don’t put in work. Also, in the business world, you must ask for benefits,  money or opportunities might not come to you because you didn’t ask for it.  

  1. You help to close the pay gap

Research has it that women don’t feel entitled to financial rewards like men do and just 7% of these female graduates make attempts in negotiating their first job offer. Most women usually doubt their abilities and to be less successful than male.

Women are known to set themselves back, starting from the beginning of their careers and they do this by failing to negotiate the job offer or salary.

Always negotiate your first job offer. First salaries are usually the springboard that will take and guide you on your future offers. Always put yourself in a good position and have in mind that others will negotiate theirs even if you don’t.

The bargaining power of every employee is strong and has a high chance of success. Also your potential employer in the future will have to invest more resources in the process by the time the offer gets to you.