5 Tips On How To Keep Hope After You Got A Job Rejection Letter

We all know what it feels like to get rejected for a job after applying. Waiting for another opportunity might feel like waiting for ages. In the end, you might land that dream job after waiting for so long.

It is natural to want to move on and submit another application for a different job. Moving on after rejection is never fun for anyone. Nobody hopes to get turned down at any job they apply for. But you can still turn the letdown into the best way possible and set yourself for better opportunities in the future.

We’ve got 5 tips on how you can get past rejection, and turn it into a better opportunity.

  1. Remember the things you did right

Although you could beat yourself up, but try to avoid this as much as you can. Getting rejected for a job shouldn’t make you start thinking you are not qualified or good enough for the position. Go through the interview again, find out where things didn’t go the way you wanted them. Also, reflect on what went right during the interview.

Focusing only on the negative won’t allow you to see the positive too. For example, if you had an interview with a big company, you should applaud yourself for landing it, other than blaming yourself for the failure. 

  1. Remind yourself of the odds

Depending on the type of job and field, there is every chance that so many people are competing for the same job. Now think about how many of them that are also qualified? Unless you are the only applicant with the right skill sets and education. But you are not, that is why others are being interviewed too. It could also be that your application came late and the company was already conducting an interview. Changing your perspective on this will have a positive effect on you and help you get over the rejection. 

  1. Do not trash talk

Whenever most people think about getting rejected at a job, they only focus on what happened at the heat of the interview and things they said directly to the hiring manager. But this is not what matters. Resist the urge to talk poorly about the hiring manager or about how they treated you. You may not know who is connected to them or how they will get to hear such talks. Even when someone asks you about the job, tell them it didn’t land it but it was a great experience.

  1. Ask for feedbacks

Being open to feedback can be another way of an enlightening learning experience. Give them the impression that you are still going ahead with your job search and would want to know any insights they have about you and how you can be an impressive candidate.

Have in mind that everyone won’t give you a feedback. Some companies policies are against that. It is great if you get a helpful feedback. But if you didn’t get any, it shows you have accepted the disappointment and ready to learn from it.