50 Best Online Jobs For 14 Years Old At Home

As a young student you can make money from home to buy yourself some things or you can even start social responsibility at a young age if you can.

  1. Typing: Typing is one job you can do online without having to leave the comfort of your home and make money. Typist charge earns around $10-$15 per hour.
  2. Flip domain name: you can buy a domain name a few dollar keep for a while and flip later at an higher price. This business is cool and does not require large amount of money to start.
  3. Play video games: Some sites allow teens like you to play games and reward with cash for using the software. You will have to do this for a longer period of time.
  4. Tutoring: you can teach your best subject online and get rewarded for it. Here you will be the one to decide the amount or you register with another company that render this service.
  5. Youtuber: if you have a compelling story to tell, you can share it on youtube and create an audience. You will be compensated when your audience reach 1000 subscribers.
  6. Online survey: you can answer survey online and get rewarded. Your honest review about the research you are to answer would determine if you will be notify of another survey or not.
  7. Writer: you can start writer for peolplwe and get paid for it. Writing is a great skills in demand world-wide. You will charge per article
  8. Proofreading: if you can seasily spot errors in English and grammar, you should opt for a proofreading job online and make your money while sitting at home.
  9. Review music: you get paid when you review music online before it is launched to the market.
  10. Referral: you can make money when you refer people to a sites or convince them toi take an actionablke step. You n=will need to register with the organization in charge.
  11. Review phone calls: That is the quality of the products
  12. Voice-over artist: As a voice over artist you create compelling voice that can be use for video or audio advert for a brand.
  13. Sell products online: If you can start to sell a product online you will make money from the commission, you do not need an experience to do this. You just have to possess people skills.
  14. Affiliate marketing: This means helping other people promotes there products or services and you get paid by the number of the clients.
  15. Graphics design: if you are an artistic person, or you are good with colours you can offer graphic design online and get paid for it.
  16. Linking jobs: you must be connected to be successful in this job. Your networks are the people you want to link for opportunities here.
  17. Call center representative: if you can devote yourself to listen, document and profer solution to clients if necessary then you will get rewarded for it.
  18. Virtual assistant: As a virtual assistant you will help your clients or boss to complete micro tasks that are time taking and you make money.
  19. Test products: Product innovators need people that will help them to test-run the quality of a new product and so many other things.
  20. Content Creator: Unique and original contents are lifeblood to a blogger and they pay anyone who can render this service to them
  21. Brand Influencer: You will have to influence your acquaintances to do what you intend to achieve from the product or services you are sponsoring
  22. Test apps: Apps are needed as businesses are now online. Your skills to do this is very lucrative
  23. Transcribe video: if you can translate the video to a written document then you are good to go with this kind of job.
  24. Transcribe audio: This is like a video transcription job, here it is audio you will convert to a written document.
  25. Market research: you will seek for more knowledge and clarity on a project work and deliver at when expected
  26. Review ads: Here you can make money by reviewing ads for clients on your mobile device
  27. Photography: As a photographer you will make money by taking stunning pictures and selling them online.
  28. Logo design: if you are good at art, you can create help people to design there brands online and make money.
  29. Watch ads for money: you can make money when you watch ads on your mobile phones.
  30. Take pictures with your phone: you can take rare pictures on your phone, and sell online as a stock photos.
  31. Sell designs: You can sell your design online. You will have to make it stunning and attractive.
  32. Test websites: You can help developers test websites online and make money
  33. Teach kids via video chat: you can devote your time online and help kids to do their homework or teach other subject online.
  34. Video editing: If you are good at video editing you can make money by editing video online and this can be lucrative.
  35. Audio editing: As an audio editor you will make money when you edit audio records online.
  36. Work on Fiverr: Fiverr allows teens like you to work and get paid through their platform. You will carry out some jobs based on your skills and recommendations.
  37. Create digital art for sale: you can start to sell your digital arts online or be a marketer as the case may be.
  38. Trade your art: you can as well trade your art online in exchange for cash or something else.
  39. Content creator: As a content creator you will create insightful and meaningful content for your follower to engage with.
  40. Video creator: Educative and informative video is needed on the different social media platforms; you can make money in this way.
  41. Sell on Etsy: you can sell your product on Etsy and make long term income.
  42. Print to sell: you can start a print on demand business and deliver to client address. You really do not need money to start this.
  43. Start a blog: you can be a blogger and make money as time goes on, this requires your commitment and tenacity.
  44. Create courses: course creation is a trending stuff that you can make money from. You can start from your favorite topics to research topics.
  45. Search Engine Optimization: this is a demand job, you will need a digital marketing skill to be successful in this niche.
  46. Investing: you can invest your money in a portfolio online and gain the reward in future time
  47. Sell cars for commission: this means you can sell cars for commission online. You do not need to leave the comfort of your home.
  48. Microtask: you can complete micro task online and get rewarded accordingly.
  49. Work as an online chat agent: you can help business owners chat potential customers online for support.
  50. Drop shipping: Here you do not need money to start, everything is easy you just must understand the concept and how to make money from it.