6 Tips on How to Look for a New Job When You Are Still Employed

Look for another job while you are still employed can be a difficult task. It takes time and you don’t need to make it too obvious so that you won’t lose your current job. Getting paid while you are in search of a new job can be good but it comes with challenges. Companies and recruiters usually prefer to work with their current employees because they will still have the needed skills.

The following article has six tips on how to search for another job while still employed. 

  1. Use only personal devices

Conduct the job search using only your personal computer, email, and phone. In case you want to search during work hours, ensure that you do that with your data,  phone, and not the company Wi-Fi. Also, use your email or you can create a business email to look professional to the employer. 

  1. Job-related calls should be away from the office

Some employers usually want to make a screening phone call before a formal interview. Ensure that these calls are made when you are not in the office. You can tell the employer when to schedule the call. However, if it happens to come when you are still the in office, go to your car or a nearby shop where you can focus and stay private.

  1. Edit your LinkedIn profile

Before you start editing and updating your profile, make sure that your broadcast won’t be made public. Rather it should be to your personal LinkedIn profile. Keep your skills consistent and updated with the job you are currently doing. Ensure that your picture is professional and current but do not allow drastic changes in your profile pictures. The best thing to do is to keep on updating your profile. This will make it appear 100% current and complete for use when you are ready to make the move.

  1. Job search on your own time

Ensure that you carry out the job search activities when you are at home or on your own time. Resist the act of checking emails from potential employers or new job postings from your mobile devices. But it needs your quick response, then set time to do that during your lunch to take care of such emails. Set one or two hours during the day to go through the job postings, this will keep you in the right sense of mind during job hunting, writing, and submitting resumes or cover letters. 

  1. Keep working hard

Even though you might be looking for a new job, you should continue to work hard and put in your best effort at the current job. Keep a good relationship with your managers and coworkers. While you are determined to find opportunities that are intellectually, personally, and emotionally fulfilling, you have to maintain strong relationships with people around your workplace. 

  1. Be careful on the internet

Always be careful when you are visiting online job boards or using social media. A status update from you can alert and information your manager or employer that you are in search of a new job elsewhere. Reduce such things from occurring by setting your privacy and use services that will cover your identity when you post a status.