7 Ways to Find a Job Working From Home

There are so many benefits associated with working from home. Even as a full-time remote worker, these benefits are all available to you. Having to always leave the house every day to your workplace is more risky, costly, and has more potential for downtimes.

Finding remote jobs can be difficult for some people but you’ll enjoy it more than staying in an office for 10 hours every day. However, some companies are actively hiring remote workers and you can get these work-from-home jobs on the internet.

You must know that there are many scams as there are real work-from-home jobs. But that is not a reason to get discouraged, the following ways will teach you how to find a job working from home. 

  1. Using remote job boards

The main purpose is to find the right sites that post remote job listings and identify the right company to follow on these sites. To find the right remote job that best fits you, check out some of the sites below.

  • Remote.co

This site is also part of FlexJobs and they help companies to train, manage and hire remote workers. Jobs are posted daily on the site and the response time is almost the same as that of a regular job application. 

  • Upwork

Most job seekers say that Upwork is overcrowded but has so many good skills. Beginners may be underpaid, but once the client gets to know them and give them nice reviews the price will increase. Although most works are not full-time you can use it to know if remote work is for you and the site charges a fee. 

  • FlexJobs

There are so many junk jobs are there some of them are scams, repetitive postings, or too good to be true jobs. But you can use FlexJobs to avoid such scams and even find a full-time or part-time remote job. There are also some freelance jobs available for you.

  1. Using Facebook groups

Facebook is a social media website that has up to 2.23 billion monthly users,  it is considered the largest social media network in the world. Some employers use Facebook as a tool in sourcing job candidates. So if you are looking for a way to find a remote job then consider joining Facebook groups or communities. Make sure you use keywords such as “remote” when searching for a job. 

  1. AngelList

This site is mainly for start-ups and it has no service fee to pay. If you want a place to work on early-stage startups then this site is for you. All you need to do is to create a profile and get the list of jobs. Click “Yes I am interested”  on a job, write to the hiring manager and wait for a response.  The process is easy and it requires no cover letter or resume. 

  1. Hashtags

The use of hashtags is now very popular in social media platforms such as Twitter Facebook Instagram or Pinterest. They can be used to look for positions by searching the hashtag related to it. Most agencies have no advertising budget so they do that by posting job opportunities using the #. Also, take your time to research about the companies even as you browse through their posts. 

  1. Slack channels

The similarities of values and status which has made it much more likely to unite and form good relationships with our fellows. That is why this site has several different remote communities with jobs available. Slack office free access to online communities and that has made it possible to gather like-minded digital nomads. 

  1. LinkedIn

This is a site that offers remote-jobs but most times it is hard to filter the available jobs and it takes time to find the one that best fits you. It gets worst with remote jobs because there is no filter to help in your search. So instead of wasting time searching for jobs, better make a post that says you are looking for a remote job and include the area, industry, and experience.  

  1. Reddit

With over 52 million active daily users, Reddit is among the big players. Some companies prefer to skip job boards and use subreddits to post job listings. Some of the subreddits that are used for remote jobs are Work From Home, Digital Nomad, Skip the Drive, and Work Online.