10 Best Exercise Plans For Work From Home Workers

Exercises ought to be a daily routine for everyone, either you work from home or you have to go the conventional activities to dispense energy for the service you are paid for. However, working from home affords you a greater opportunity to be at home and still engage in exercise.

These exercises can serve as mental therapy, emotional therapy, or physical therapy and this is why it is expedient for every work-from-home staff to ensure exercises are part of the daily work schedule.

Find suggestions on the best exercise plan for work-from-home –workers:


  1. Plan Simple Exercises like Sit-Ups, Jogging, etc. Into Your Morning Routine

As you prepare for work, you must plan simple exercises into your morning routine to engender mental alertness as you prepare for work for the day. This would help you build the right attitude towards work for the day.

These simple exercises can be sit-Ups, Jogging, Push-Ups, etc. You can dedicate fifteen to thirty minutes of your morning time to this.


2. Get a Treadmill for short walks during your breaks

It isn’t news that you would sit more as a work-from-home worker, so you may need to introduce little walks into your routine in the course of the work to avoid fatigue and body pain because of sitting in a particular posture for a long time.

This can be done with a treadmill, especially if you do not want to wander too far from your workstation. In instances where you do not have the resources and luxury of a treadmill, you can always take short walks around outside your compound or within your premises.


3. Introduce a Well-Being Challenge

This can be a challenge you introduce amongst your colleagues or a recommendation you can refer to your superior(s). This could be a challenge requesting all stay-at-home workers to do a 5-minute video of themselves while working out in the morning before they resume work.

Rewards can be attached to it for consistent workers. This would help staff keep fit as they exercise while they work from home.


4. Break the Different Exercises into your Work-Schedule

Since you have a work schedule and breaks are included in your work schedule, you can also strategically include some of the simple exercises into your work schedule, especially during your breaks.

You can include four different exercises at different intervals or breaks into your work schedule. Simple exercises like a 2-minute push-up, overhead press-up, or squatting are exercises you can introduce into your breaks.


5. Run-on the Spot

You can allot time to engage in running on the spot. This means you won’t have to leave your work-station to do the exercise. This would help you pay attention to calls or emergencies that may occur even while you are having your break.

The interesting thing is that it helps you stretch your muscles and relieve you of pain you might have accumulated in the course of sitting for a long time.


6. Work on Your Face

There are interesting facial exercises that you can engage in while you work from home.

You can work the skin and muscles around your forehead by frowning deeply as you can while pushing your brow down. While doing it, it would seem you are attempting to cloud or cover your eyes with your brows.

You can also do the opposite; open your eyes wide until bridges of patterns form on your forehead. You can do this five times any time you are seated and you are tired or feeling sleepy.


7. Join an Online Exercise Class

To be committed to your exercise plans, you may need to join an online class, most especially a yoga class that can aid in mental, emotional, and psychological detoxification.

However, if you can’t find an online class, you can watch exercise videos online where you can follow the step-by-step exercises they engage in. With time, you will find a class that interests you and helps you achieve your exercise plans as you work from home.


8. Download Exercise App

You can also download simple exercise and workout apps that you can engage in before, during, and after your work hours. The goal is to use this exercise to keep fit and stay healthy as you work from home.


9. Frequently Take Short-Walks

You will sit more while you work from home, so it becomes expedient to seize every opportunity to exercise your legs. Make it your routine to always take a walk any time you have to pick a call. This would help you reduce the pressure you put on your back and your legs.

Oftentimes, these walks may be within the four walls of your dedicated home office, but it is a form of exercise that would relieve you of the new sedentary habit you compulsorily have to adapt to as a work-from-home worker.


10. Jump-Rope for Skipping

You can also get jump-ropes for skipping. Skipping should be mostly done before you resume work for the day. This is to ensure you don’t exhaust yourself physically before you engage in your work activities for the day.