10 Ways To Set Ground Rules To Family Members When Working From Home

Working from home may seem a new order in the scheme of corporate jobs, but it is laden with new challenges. Challenges that are strange to the traditional way of working. This may not be strange to jobs that are information technology-based, however, it seems that all jobs have to depend on information technology to achieve a productive “work-from-home” agenda.

Every job now has to depend on the new method of working from home. To accept that part of the home which usually used to be for relaxation, for comfort, for fun, and luxury will now be used as an office and they would have to conduct themselves in a manner that befits an office around that territorial space.

One would have to do a lot of work to get family members to come to terms with this new development and also ensure that one is fair with a family member as they try to adapt and adjust to this new development.

For an employee who already has a similar structure before covid-19, adapting for family members may not be strange, but for family members who only see their parents come home to relax, to listen to them, and to play around, it would seem a strange development to them.

However, the following points would help you in setting ground rules for family members when working from home:


  1. Let Them Understand Why You Have to Work From Home

it is a new approach to work, you must have a table discussion with your family to explain to them why this has to become part of their lives in the home and the reason for the new development.

Let them know that your income depends so much on working from home, hence they need to give you the needed cooperation that would make you efficient whilst working from home. 

Seize the opportunity to allay their fears that the new development will not create a strain on the relationship in the family. 

This is also the time to let them know that certain spaces would be restricted and the new order on how music is played would be introduced. By all means, douse the tension that working from home might have aroused.

Simply, reassure them that things may not be normal as before, but you will remain who you are to them.


2. Let Them Understand How Their Cooperation Would Affect Your Effectiveness and Efficiency

Their cooperation includes giving you the needed distance, not distracting you or trying to interfere while you work within your territorial space.

It includes not calling you into conversations. 

Most importantly, they must help you stay committed to your work hours by not bringing to the notice things that would distract you from work.


3. Let Them Know Your Work-Hours