Top 7 Things Employees Want From a Job

Being a leader is a game of hard work and high contact if you want the success of your team. However, there is a high chance to fail as a manager if your company or organization faces a management derailment. Most employees do not buy into their companies and this disengages them from their work. But you don’t have to fall for these negative results if you know the 10 things employees want from a job. 

  1. Clear Expectations and Goals

Employees always want the company to give them a clear and a better understanding of their responsibilities, objectives, and roles. This can be done on a one-on-one level or as a team. This should not be a one-time event, it should be done periodically.

Also, conduct a performance review at the end of every set time or maybe once a year. Most employees do not perform well because they don’t have a clear understanding of their goals. 

  1. Communication

This might sound simple to you, but it is very important. Keep people aware as individuals and informed as a team. So you need to always communicate with them through email, one-on-ones, texts, meetings, phone, and Skype. Learn how to use these mediums appropriately. Do not pass negative news through texts or emails. Nothing should be an excuse for lack of communication even if you are not in the same location. 

  1. Learning and Trust

Always allow your team to learn from you and do the same thing for your team. Try to stay creative, genuine and keep learning new things. Find ways to recognize them individually and as a team. 

Be genuine, ethically conduct business and follow through with your commitments. Also, admit your mistakes. Failing to do so has to lead to many ineffectiveness and falls of companies or organizations. 

4. Responsibility

Employees always want to be great and managers can act as an obstacle to it. As a manager, you need to listen to your team and allow them to get into fixing problems. Be a regular and effective coach and make sure that every member of the team knows their roles. Try to solve the problems they bring to you and know their progress so far.

5. Achievement

Always work hard to make sure that everybody is aligned with the right responsibilities and roles that will help them succeed. You have to understand that people always want to win, and you should try to remove anything that will act as an obstacle. Push your employees to success and reduce changing rules all the time. Deal with every unrealistic good or poor performance so that they won’t lead to more frustration.

6. Pride in the Work

Give everybody a chance to perform a good job. This will help to boost their pride and self-motivation. Create a positive working environment for everyone in the company or organization. Preach teamwork, have fun while working hard at the same time. This will surely make everyone work hard and succeed.

7. Respect

Research has shown that 80% of employees don’t get the respect they deserve at their workplace. You should not instill fear into your employees. Treat them as adults and not like children. Be open and honest to all of them both individually and as a team. You will also earn respect by giving respect.